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The Crooked Road Episode 3: The Luthier

“I thought, ‘This thing’s just made out of wood, I should be able to make one.'”

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The Crooked Road Episode 2: Faith & Family

“It goes into a spiritual realm where the land and the people are connected…”.

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The Crooked Road: Episode 1

Looking back to the Big Bang of country music.

From The Furrow

Sleeping On Straw

A nationwide agrotourism program offers a breathtaking view of Switzerland.


Tiger Gardens

Bamboo shrouds gardens with Asian mystery.


Flowers Of Grace

True lovers of daylilies know this flower is anything but common.


Telling The Homesteaders’ Story

Homestead National Monument of America is the destination dedicated to the ultimate American Dream—owning land.


Sharing The Country Life

Vacationers get an inside look at rural living.

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The Occasional Photo: “The Ultimate Predator”

A look at some of our favorite photos from past issues.

History, Web Exclusive

For The Love Of Bread: Part II

Divining the secrets of an 80-year-old Basque structure built in the wilderness for baking bread.

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The Occasional Photo: January 13, 2017

A look at some of our favorite shots from The Furrow and Homestead magazines.

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Private Varnish

Railcar owners preserve the golden years of rail travel.

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Drone Fever

High-tech flying machines number in the millions.

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Spreading Chestnuts

Chestnut trees and elderberry bushes prepare this historic Missouri homestead for future generations.

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From Talk To Action

Urbanites save farm from eminent domain threat.